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Series 1: How to Sell Well – Danii Leatherbarrow


In this video series Danii sets the scene for you… W need you to do some home work before we get started on the actual list and sell process. So have a listen. Start a journal, and start getting this information together. We will come back to it over and over again.

1. Getting Clear On Your Objectives

This video is about getting clear on your objectives for selling your home... The idea here is to ask yourself some questions around the process you are about to go through.

2. Demand and Competition

Another big subject that sellers end up coming back to time and time again is this: what is the market you are selling in, and what is the demand right now?

3. The Three Kinds of Markets

As I said in the previous video, which kind of market you are selling in makes a huge difference to your decisions.

4. Be Clear on What You're Selling

Sit down and make a list of inclusions now. What do you want to take? What will you leave?

5. When Do You Want to Start?

Part of becoming aware of the objective is to be clear around your timing. To do that, you start at the end result.

Series 2: Pricing Your Home to Sell – Adam Leatherbarrow


One of the biggest issues  you will have in selling your home is getting the price right. Instead of abdicating on this subject, we want you to understand how it all works. Then, you can make better decisions for yourself.

So make notes and see how this all relates to you.

1. Pricing. Why Agents Get a Bad Rap...

It’s simple. Any rift between the public’s perception of this industry and reality comes from the difference between the emotional price a seller thinks their home is worth, and the market value.

2. You Must Price Within the Reaction Zone

In the next four videos I’m going to show you, in the simplest way I can, how pricing works in real estate. I’ll begin by explaining the idea of the ‘reaction zone’ and its impact on asking price.

3. Don't Inflate the Price

The idea that you have to inflate the asking price so the buyers offer close to what you want – is nonsense.

4. How to Estimate Market Value

The most common way the market, and also agents, valuers and buyers, value your home is by way of comparison.

5. Common Questions on Pricing

In this video Adam discusses the commonly asked questions around pricing your home to sell.

Series 3: How to Work With an Agent – Adam Leatherbarrow


Most Agents just want to get the best result for you. It comes down to your relationship with the agent. Stay in the game and be involved…Don’t just leave it up to them.

So make notes and see how this all relates to you.

1. Choosing an Agent - 2 Step Process

Its like an interview for an employee. You choose the Agent first...Then you work with them to get the best possible outcome for the sale of your home.

2. Choosing the Best Strategy

Focus on the strategies the Agent has to sell your home, not the details. That comes once you have decided on the correct strategy for you and your property.

3. Questions to Ask Your Agent

Getting the right agent for you is critical to success. Use these questions to choose the best possible agent.

4. Deciding On Commission

Discuss what's best for you and move on with the sale of the house. Don't get caught up in this one.

5. Dealing With Feedback

Dealing with feedback. Don't get emotional and make sure you look at the facts clearly and objectively