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Leasing With Us

There are many reasons to lease your investment property with us. Here are just a few...

Smaller Portfolios = Better Service

“When we started our rental department we had a strong commitment to keep our portfolios small to provide a better service”
Danii Leatherbarrow

At The Property Co. we value our landlords and understand the frustration that can come with dealing with larger companies.

The most consistent complaint we hear is that landlords are treated like numbers rather than clients.

Communication is often terrible and landlords find themselves having to chase their property managers for information rather than their property managers keeping them informed in a timely manner.


At The Property Co. our landlords get amazing personal service and have the advantage of working with Danii who is the business owner, rather than a constant revolving door of property managers who could never care the way the business owner does.

As we grow in the years to come we will bring on property managers, but we will stay committed to smaller portfolios so that our service doesn’t suffer and Danii will always oversee our property management department to ensure that personal service is maintained.

Thorough Screening of Tenants

Although you are never guaranteed to have the perfect tenant, there are steps we can take as your property managers to ensure that you have the best information at hand to make the best decision when placing a tenant into your property.

Great information is one aspect but a switched-on property manager is also a key ingredient. We need to be able to relay our recommendations to you as we are the ones on the front lines, dealing with your potential tenants.

We have a comprehensive process for screening tenants which includes background checks and financial history so that you can be assured you are choosing the very best tenant for your property.

Expert Advice

One of the most persistent complaints about the real estate industry in Australia is that agents are dishonest and often give the wrong advice.

At The Property Co. we are committed to educating our landlords on our industry so that they can make better decisions in the process of buying, selling or leasing property.

Our advice is considered, genuine and always given with your best interests at heart.

With over a decade of experience on the front lines of the real estate industry in Western Sydney, our staff have the right advice to assist you in making great real estate decisions.

Contact our experienced staff today!

Landlord Portal

As our client you will enjoy up to date information on your properties via our landlords portal. Log in any time to view your information.

Some of the features include:

  • The current financial status of all your properties
  • All historical statements and copies of attached bills
  • All general scanned documents attached to the owners folio
  • Photos and details for the property and tenancy
  • Financial activity graph
  • Activity summaries for jobs and inspections

Routine Inspections

Most property managers tend to conduct periodic inspections every 6 to 9 months on average.

At the Property Co. we believe that routine inspections are an integral part of an effective management schedule. That is why we conduct inspections every three months. That way you have peace of mind knowing that if there are any issues, the chance of them getting completely out of hand are minimal.

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