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Case Study - 5 Fireball Ave, Cranebrook

The Challenge

We were recently engaged to sell number 5 Fireball Ave, Cranebrook on behalf of the vendor, Malcolm Newcombe.

The challenge was to maximise the price for Malcolm as he was moving to a larger property in the area. The timing was challenging as it was in a rapidly declining market due to the federal government regulator tightening lending.

Malcolm had several other agents appraise the home and the general consensus among agents was between $625,000 and $640,000 with one agent appraising the property at $650,000.

We felt strongly that we could achieve better than that and we sat down with Malcolm and ran through a strategy that we believed could yield him a strong result.

Ultimately we were able to achieve $665,000 in a very tough market and Malcolm was able to move on to his next property.

The Video

When we sat down to plan the marketing campaign we identified that the strengths of the property were in the outdoor space and we wanted to sell the lifestyle the property offered.

We knew that if we could create an emotional connection to buyers through the video we could maximise the price of the home.

The video was a huge success on social media attracting 765 video views in three weeks and ended up being a major factor in the success of the campaign.

Professional Photography

Photography is a crucial part of any campaign.

We wanted to highlight all of the features of the property while staying true to the look and feel of the home.

There is nothing more frustrating or disappointing for buyers than seeing beautiful photos of a property only to arrive and see that the home is nothing like it was portrayed in the photographs.

We sat down with Malcolm and gave him some advice on how to prepare the home for photography. Things like de-cluttering and adding pops of colour to maximise the homes appeal and mowing lawns and preparing the gardens.

The Numbers

In any sales campaign the more exposure we can get on a property the stronger the interest will be and therefore the stronger the offers will be. We were able to get Malcolm’s property in front of more buyers and ultimately achieve $15,000 above the highest appraisal he received from other local agents in a very tough market.


Total views – 1464


Total views – 667


Video views – 765

Buyer Inspections

Total buyers through the home – 21


Total offers – 3


When Malcolm interviewed multiple agents to sell his home he discovered that there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right team to partner with.

Rather than focusing on the fees agents charged and choosing the cheapest option, Malcolm understood that the only figure that matters is the one he ended up walking away with. He decided to invest a little extra in his marketing campaign and hire a great team to sell his home and in the end it paid off!

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